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Our Dairy Starter Cultures Products, Full of Rich Quality & Purity!

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We, AB Source Biologics Private Limited, make our huge claim to fame through in-house manufactured quality dairy cultures. We are rising in business and with us, we're making several people rise in good health by supplying impurity free dairy items. There are gazillion of companies dealing in this sector and promising to render quality but only a few out of them get noticed. We are happy to have made our mark in the sector with modern technology based dairy processing work.
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The high level hygiene maintained at our facility for producing Creamy Lassi Cultures, Low Fat Buttermilk Cultures and Sweet CurdCultures shows our care for the health of masses. Our idea to grow in business is supported with the welfare of people having our products. We, take complete care of quality during production of dairy items. Our company stays committed to manufacture dairy cultures that posses health-enriching nutrients. The best technology based machines are installed in our production, quality testing, research and development unit, etc., to erase from the root any possibility that hints at imperfection.

Becoming a manufacturer is easy but earning the title of a 'Quality-focused' manufacturer is difficult. AB Source Biologics Private Limited transformed this difficulty into an ease for itself by treating quality as the most crucial factor in all business spheres from production to shipment. We are glad to have a recognition as a quality-focused manufacturer of dairy based products in India. Our company is sure that the aforesaid recognition will add glory to the presence of company and will take to it to the route of, only success.

Our Expert Team

Reliable support of a qualified team makes us the best business choice in the market. Our team is our strength. All that we have been achieving in terms of name and fame is because of our team that executes different business operations with high excellence. Every order placed to our company is looked by upon by our team as an opportunity to prove customers of being the best in business. Hence, each employee of our company contributes in accomplishing orders with sheer perfection.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We take pride in our ability to constantly indulge with ease in a large quantity based production of high quality dairy cultures.
  • Our company keeps all possible defects away from the reach of our product line that includes Sweet Curd Cultures, Low Fat Buttermilk Cultures, etc., through implementation of a quality control policy.
  • We make business transaction process highly easier with introduction of flexibility in payment option.
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